Wow, you're really getting there Corey.

With all the little electronic gadgets out there, you might consider putting in a cig lighter, if not for anything else, for a solar battery charger or something. I use the one in the back of my '99 quite a bit; mostly for air pump for camping mattresses or small air compressor.

Just a thought; what do the boys think of this project? I know ya keep 'em busy! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

exactly .. I am going to use the 2 accessory ports from the original 4Runner .. I did keep the wiring intact for those for exactly the reason you mentioned . 1 in the front (dash) and 1 in the rear .

I don't think my ash tray has ever had actual ashes in it - but it's a great place to contain loose change, rnadom bolts, candy... all kind of crap that would get thrown around as soon as you leave pavement.

i liek teh idea of starting w/ a fresh flat console plate though, now you can lay it out however you want.

no ash trey , I want the room for "other things" .
I know what you mean about the "little things" being tossed in the ash trey , my DD is the same . I have thought about this , and I am going to be building a center console .. so I will have the room there , as well as cup holders <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/notooth.gif" alt="" />

not set on the lay out of the dash yet , I just know for sure , where the heater controls are going ..


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