I wasnt going to , but I decided to finish wiring the fan .. and hook up the cooling system .. The last things I had to do , for a running unit .

I have had many times when I have done wiring (not my favorite thing) thought I had it all good .. taped and loomed only to have to take it all apart again because of some stupid mistake .

so this is why I wanted to get it running perfectly before I took it apart for the last time ,and , taped and loomed it all up .. I'm glad I did .

Today I finished the plumbing .. all clamped .. also buttened up the fan wiring . filled er' up with some coolant and flashed her up ..

I have 4 problems ...

1. the temp guage went to hot "right off the bat" wiring issue maybe .. not sure just yet .
2. amp meter dosnt work ..
3. check engine lamp - checked with my OBll reader , and have only 1 code
4. since I put on the supercharger , its running rough and really low idle ~600RPM , I think I have a vaccuum leak maybe .

I wasnt able to look into any of these just yet , but obviously will !!


86 4x4 , fiberglass bed , 1/2 doors , hood, etc..
84 Custom 2WD 400HP supra suspension , full frame
83 Trekker SR5
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