YAHOOOOOOoooooo !!!!!!!

finally got it figured . Code PO110 (in my case)

started with replacing the maf with another .. no change .
checked wire integrity with my ohm meter .. continuity , good
also checked values on the computer , everything checked out !!! system OK ... still had the check engine .. anyway , you guys know the story ...

I decided maybe something happened to the computer , so I searched Canada for a MTM /99 computer . found 1 .. after thinking about it , for a while and considering the MTM computer , for this year , is a rare bird .. (9807-9908 only).. so I decided to buy it .

well got it today , and plugged it in ... I was bummed when there was no change , and still "check engine" with a code ...
I have been checking my wiring thoroughly .. as this is the only direction I could go .. lots of wire checking , head scratching and reading the manual , when I turned the page , and saw a picture of a MAF, that was not the one I was using .. Toyota is usually pretty good with there descriptions , and not usually generic with there pictures .. this was it ... I had the 2000 MAF from my supercharger purchase , hooked up the intake and plugged it in ..

PRESTO ... NO CODE <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

runs awesome ... I'm so happy !!!!!

turns out I had the wrong MAF supplied to me with the original purchase of the engine conversion "kit" ...
man the time and MONEY I spent on this is just crazy !!! and now I have way less hair @!! but i'm happy it's done and running awesome .

also talked to Darren today , and he has offered to send me the correct parts via Greyhound prepaid ... to correct this misshap ..

so now ... it's VID time !!!!!



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