where the heck is your build thread ????
how come I cant find it .... Dude !!

I fear the floors will be a no go .. as Toyota owners just dont want to spend the money and our reasearch .
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biggest problem we run into .. and please dont take this the wrong way ..

toyota guys are cheep for body repairs !! they just dont want to pay for quality body pieces .. WAAAA it's a 25 year old truck , YET , they will pay thousands and thousands to the marlins, and trailgears for suspension stuff ... but , when we did our market reasearch for "stamping" new floor pans .. for instance.

toyota owners whom wanted them .. only wanted to pay $25.00 ea. real market production costs and min. mark up suggested an ea. price "volume" cost of $125.00 . for a quality product . quite a differance !

hence ... we wont be doing it untill the market changes .


I would love to build them .. but unfortunatly .. not enough of a market .


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