^^ he raises a very good point.

And maybe more importantly, you're going to be reaching waaaay over to teh right to fiddle with your radio whie driving.
I get annoyed enough with the stock location on teh 2nd gen trucks, being pretty far down low in the center of teh dash, I feel liek I have to really move my attention away from teh road when changing stations, loading a CD etc.

If I were designin ga dash from scratch, I'd mount that sucker high and and close to the wheel as possible...

seriously .. it's not much of a reach .. it's basically the STOCK location and I dont think interups my "attention" to much .. so really I dont think it will be an issue .
gotta remember .. I'm trying to keep this stock "style" so I kind of want to keep it "factory looking"

FWIW Im not a big fan of the motorized head units, I had 2 of them break in my old camry and no longer open/close and I didnt do a thing. They were $$$ Pioneer, replaced under warranty then that one broke so I said F it and bought a regular old HU.

Had another idea, could build up the dash with fiberglass and bondo and paint it with plastic paint. It will come out very nice-but its alot of work.

thats some good info .. I was really wanting the motorized head unit for "status" ... but I'm really re-considering now .

as for the fiberglass dash .. not on this one , My 2WD build http://toyota2wd.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=allgoes&action=display&thread=18 I'll be going all out , but not on this one !! want is "kind of "stock " looking


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