FWIW things that do more than 1 function never seem to work that well imho.

I have a garmin GPS I use for work, NUVI 750 model. Mounts to the windshield or w/e you want pretty much. Works EXCELLENT since I use it every single day driving a truck all over the place.

Just imho..

I tend to back this idea, recently lookin gfor a new HU for my wife's car, i really wanted a multi-function deal too. In te hend I found that it was just more cost effective to buy two seperate units, not too many options for all-in-one that really do a good job of everything without being super $$$. IMO you'll want a GPS from a good company so you can reliably get new maps... in the end, that's what they're really about, the maps/service.
That said, since you're building teh dash ground-up, you could probably easier make a nice mount for the GPS unit and a seperate lareg screen if you wanted that.

Oh and carbon-fiber coverin gwould be bad-ass... but not real fitting for the age/style? I guessst he quetsion is, are you going for new & stylish, or classy?

With 200+ Billion electrical parts, the world most complicated machine is inside your own skull.

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