So Corey I'm curious about something.
Given how much you have custom-fabbed thus far - why mess w/ a stock 4Runner rollbar, which you had to modify anyway, rather than making your own cooler/stronger one that may be a little less instrusive in that space?

so .. as we know .. the Trekker was the "proto type" vehicle for the 4Runner .. i'm trying to stay somewhat true to that , but with more emphasis , as we now have actual used 4Runner pieces to use . building one would be easier , but I actually want you to be able to look at it , and say .. "thats a 4Runner roll bar "
hope that makes sence ?

Awesome work, Corey! Haven't checked in for a while so it's great to see what you've done. Can't wait to see the Trekker on the road.

thanks bud .. got your email while I was on holidays .. I will try to answer asap


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