excellent day ...
got my check list done...

feet welded on the bar
[Linked Image]

and my goal today was to have the seats basically done..
I have welded the locks and covers .. (you can see in the pic)
lock button supports welded
headrest supports welded
seat back cushions "carved" and fitted

[Linked Image]

also got the roll bar mounts done.. well tacked anyway ...
I decided I didnt need the "swivel joints" anyway .. the sub frame is mounted on rubber bushings , and the whole tub will flex as a unit .. good to go !!

[Linked Image]

also started work on the rear tub member ... I dont think the thickness of the glass will be a problem , as the underside on this section is almost done anyway ..
still have to weld it ... but heres were I finished up the day at

[Linked Image]

sorry for the crappy pics... my "good" camera took a dive for the worst .. so i'm dealing with my phone for now ..


86 4x4 , fiberglass bed , 1/2 doors , hood, etc..
84 Custom 2WD 400HP supra suspension , full frame
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