body work has started ..

little time today to work on the valance..
I wanted a custom piece .. reasons are .. well I just have sooo much time !!!!!
the original center mount is no longer there , so holes would be mute and I dont like the transision between the side mounts

so the plan is .. to use a 2WD valance .. (it has a deeper center and also lines up with the grill ends .. beauty body lines ) The 2WD valance mounts differently , and is also shorter , and also has a center support ..

so .. heres the start ..

cut off the center support .. and "bent it" to fit better ..... smile

[Linked Image]

I will also get rid of the mounting bolts .. and have a "smooth" trasition between the valance and the fender .. hammered a new piece to fit ..

[Linked Image]


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