Just curious Corey, but from the pix you posted, I don't see any air ports in your speaker enclosure. As far as I know, speakers gotta breathe. I built 6x9 enclosures for mine and drilled a 3/4" hole in the side of each. I have no idea what size hole is best suited for a given speaker size. With my stereo cranked up, the air that gets pushed through the hole is pretty substantial! Yours will push much more and if there's no where for the air to go, your speakers won't move like they should and the sound will suffer. Just my opinion, but I could be wrong...... I'm with many others here; great build and awesome documentation on your build! You could write a book!! LOL

Speakers you want to be sealed up (will make the lows sound better and give them better power handling).
Subs can be either or, i've got mine in a ported box right now but i dont like it that much, want to go sealed.... it sounds odd at certain outputs...
Power Block isn't in too bad of a location, You should... be fine.

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