OK so did you seriously just go and make a whole top from scratch? With something that big - how do you do that? Made a template/form from the old one? Have any pics of that process?

this is still the old roof .. still getting it ready to build the mold , almost done ..
I wont be posting a "how to" but here is a great wright up on making BIG parts http://www.hotrodder.com/32Blowpar/page8.html


Corey, one thing I've always wondered is how hard/is it possible to modify existing fiberglass items? I've always had a love/hate relationship with my camper shell since it's color matched, but the dimensions are for a Ford Ranger bed, so the rail portions are about 3 times as wide as the Toyota bed rails. I've often wondered if it would be possible to make a new mounting portion to neck it down the little bit to the Toyota bed dimension, or would that require re-doing the whole shell (making it much more economical to just get a different one, obviously)?

Sorry for the hi-jack.

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