Corey, one thing I've always wondered is how hard/is it possible to modify existing fiberglass items? I've always had a love/hate relationship with my camper shell since it's color matched, but the dimensions are for a Ford Ranger bed, so the rail portions are about 3 times as wide as the Toyota bed rails. I've often wondered if it would be possible to make a new mounting portion to neck it down the little bit to the Toyota bed dimension, or would that require re-doing the whole shell (making it much more economical to just get a different one, obviously)?

Sorry for the hi-jack.

no worries ..

personally .. I would find a new canopy !
BUT , if you really need to do it

best fix would be to cut the canopy right in 1/2 (@ the middle) and take out the section to make it fit .. then find the correct rear door , and enlarge the front window ..


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