so .. not been able to do much <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> ... but getting a little bit done ..

I started cleaning up the inner alum. trim plates , stripped the powder coat and got one into zinc ..
I still want to paint them "satin black" (same black as the rest) .. but heres what I got so far ..

[Linked Image]

also making a new "transition" moulding for the cab and roof seam .. the old cardboard is just not usable again :-/ .. so with some carefull measurements , I trimmed up a 2X4 , to use as a mould , rounded the edges .. and made a fiberglass piece

[Linked Image]

fitting it is next on the list ..


86 4x4 , fiberglass bed , 1/2 doors , hood, etc..
84 Custom 2WD 400HP supra suspension , full frame
83 Trekker SR5
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