Independent4x proudly announces the release of the Isuzu Rear 12-bolt Aussie Locker automatic locking differential.

Press Release:

RICHMOND, VA, December 2007 - Independent4x, in a joint venture with Torq-Masters Technology, Inc., is proud to announce the release of a new locker for the Isuzu 26-spline 12-bolt Rear Axle. Independent4x will be the exclusive stocking distributor of this long-awaited application. This is the second of two Aussie Locker automatic locking differential applications for Isuzu that we have relaesed in 2007. This unit is set to ship starting 12/20/07 and into 2008.

This rear application covers the full range of 1987-2001 Isuzu 4 wheel drive vehicles in the US: Trooper, Vehicross, Amigo, & 4x4 Pickup models.

This locker will cover the rear Isuzu corporate 12-bolt axle found in all Troopers from late 1987-1997, Amigos and pickups through 1995, and all 1998-2001 Vehicross models. This is an exciting new product as it will be the first locker of its kind to be developed for this axle.

We also make a Locker for the front Isuzu 10 bolt IFS. Both applications are currently available for pre-order by calling Independent4x at (804) 550-0480 Monday-Friday 9am 6pm EST or online at

we have a long list of names for those of you who have already called in on this.

we will be working on organizing, invoicing, calling back, charging and shipping those 1st orders. (we will be going in the order of who is already in line for these)

you are also welcome to order off the site if you did not call in........... we also have plenty of 10 bolt fronts to go with your 12 bolt rear

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