Due to all the newcomers asking about lifting a sportage, I think its a good idea to have a sticky right up top to save some of us a little time.!

a few options:

2" lift: Great for getting bigger tires and light off road use. May consist of a taller springs, or coil spacers...." Alignment recommended for max tire life.

3" lift: Probably the most reasonable to get a nice look and gain some clearance for tires and a little more off road use. Will consist of a 2" spacer up front (lifts it about 3 1/4 inches) and using rear coil springs out of a jeep TJ, preferably a hard top model. these TJ springs will get you 3" in the rear. You also need new rear shocks now to accommodate more travel, for this you use rear shocks for a 1998 toyota rav4. Also needed are new bump stops, either from the TJ as well, or through energy suspension, Part number 9.9143 CLICK HERE to go to energy suspension site You will also need drop brackets for the front sway bar. Some ditch the sway bar, but for safe highway cruising, its recommended! You also need an alignment to prevent premature wear on your tires.
(SPACER style lifts are available through dennis_upyourkia

4" lift: Great for getting the MAX lift and most available clearance for the stock IFS front. (any higher and you'll need to go SAS = straight axle swap). Consists of replacing the front stock coil springs with new lift coils. This is a true 4" lift up front. You need different upper spring cups to accommodate the bigger springs (available in kit, or separate) You will need drop brackets for the sway bar as well). REAR you could run TJ springs, but remember the TJ springs are only a 3" lift. For the best results run the new lift coils which are about 4.5" of lift for the rear. As of now this is available as a kit through dave scott, consisting of 4 coil springs, 2 new upper strut mounts, 2 rear shocks, 2 new sway-bar drop legs, new adjustable rear panhard rod, Grade 8 hardware look here for the rocksport gear parts:

CLICK HERE FOR Daves rocksport gear page

You WILL need an alignment after install.

All versions of the lifts are subject to availability, since this is a custom lift, and not off the shelf stuff from a huge company, please be aware it could take awhile to have the parts made.

I Should also add that there are a few body lifts available as well. 1.4" - 3". (expect extra work on anything over 1.4" ) I don't have much info on these, so I will edit this when I get more info on it. (I do not have the body lift myself).

Since I hope to get this stickied, if anyone has anything to add, feel free to either PM me to edit it, OR reply below and I will try to get it edited asap.

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