stock size is a 205 75 15.

the size most people end up going with is a 30x9.50x15.
I run that size and it feels like its a great size for this rig. You still have decent power and you gain an inch of clearance under the rear axle. "30x9.5 and larger will need a lift, and will also require the rear of the front wheel arch to be trimmed back and the adjacent seam on the firewall to be folded flat..( I run this size of tire on mine)

235 75 15 is also a good choice if you are running a 2" lift. its a very common tire size, so there are many options and styles available. Fits on standard rims, no lift required, although some minor trimming of the underside of the front bumper will be needed (~0.5" x 6" strip)..."

another option is a 31x10.50.15. You will sacrifice power, but gain a little ground clearance. would recommend the 4" lift for running these, or a smaller lift AND a body lift. But if you are running tires this big, why wouldn't you want a suspension lift?

the rim bolt pattern is 5x5.5 . After market rims for an f150 (1996 or older) will fit perfect. The F100/F150/Bronco rims need to be off a 4WD model, the center hole is not big enough on the 2WD models. Suzuki Sammy rims are not suitable as there is too little backspace... (I run a set of after market ford f150 wheels)

some run the 30x9.50 tires on stock rims, its not recommended as the tire will wear more in the center. The recommended width rim for this size tire is 6-7" to get the best life span, and the most tread on the ground where it belongs!

PLEASE feel free to add to this or PM me with anything that should be added.

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