OK....I'm sitting around Sunday feeling down because I just went to two friends funerals, one on Friday and one on Saturday.
Thought I would get off my butt and do something.
I know there are several questions on how much lift TJ rear springs will get you so I decided to measure my sportage with the 104's, then drop in the stock springs, and finally drop in my newly aquired 106's.
Sportage stock springs to TJ 104's gives you 3" of lift. Sportage stock springs to TJ 106's measured 4" of lift.
Now remember, your measurements may vary due to age of springs, full/empty tank of gas, crap in car behind seat, weight difference of spare tire, etc.
So if you want a good ride and a true 3" lift in the rear, go with TJ 104's. For 4" of lift you can buy Dave's Rocksport Gear's or TJ 106's. With Dave's your getting a brand new spring, with used TJ's you get USED for how many miles???... The ones I bought were supposed to have low miles...less than 5k...but who really knows.
Anyway, just what I finally came up with and please add any of your findings to this post.
I'll post how they drive after I get some miles on them.<img src="/forums/images/graemlins/pfft.gif" alt="" />
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