235 75 15 is also a good choice if you are running a 2" lift. its a very common tire size, so there are many options and styles available. Fits on standard rims, no lift required, although some minor trimming of the underside of the front bumper will be needed (~0.5" x 6" strip)..."

another option is a 31x10.50.15. You will sacrifice power, but gain a little ground clearance. would recommend the 4" lift for running these, or a smaller lift AND a body lift. But if you are running tires this big, why wouldn't you want a suspension lift?

should be added.

Sorry to bother and don't know if this is a dumb question.

I'm running the 235-75-R15 withoth lift on my 2001 tdi intercooler 2.0 without any issue.(Stock one)

now will do the 3" lift and want to run the 31x10.5 R15.

need to have the 4" list to run the 31's?

Also haw many power i'm loosing with this tires?
for 32's need to change the differentials?
reading on the forum, upgrated R&P is available on Korea and is a Pain to find them.
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