whats up guys, long time no see... i put in the tj springs and the up your kia spacers for the eibach lift in the rear.the rear is now lifted about 6". axle shifted over some but no tire rubbing because i bought after market rims with less backspacing, 15 x 8 with 3.75" backspace. still working on dropping front diff to lift front more than eibach spring and up your kia spacer lift. you guys (dave , dennis, etc.) were right , when i tried a thicker spacer than what dennis and dave had told me the cv axle boots made contact with the strut.... thats why i am trying to drop the fron diff 1 to 2 inches. bought a welder and will probably ditch the IFS alltogether... we will see

96 SPORTAGE 4 DOOR:1 3/8 body lift:eibach springs & spacers:15x8 rockcrawlers & 31x11.50 super swampers:warn hubs:winch bumper http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2115301