It has been more than half a year in which I was contemplating on how to lift my KIA SPORTAGE 2001 - wagon (the extra long version)

I live in Israel - where other than dodging missiles from time to time <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/scared.gif" alt="" /> we have some strict restrictions and DO's and DONT's.
One of them is that I can't change tire size from 205x75x15 - original <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" /> without getting a written approval from KIA or its local reps that desired size is an authorized tire size - which is not possible (people tried)

Basically you can't change your car without going through rigid licensing process which in most cases is bound to fail and if you are involved in an accident and they find out you modified the car you could find yourself without insurance coverage. Not to mention that you can't in most cases pass the annual car test.

After much consultation I have decided to look at replacing the springs and maybe the shocks to gain some ground clearance (which is SOOOO needed...) and not use spacers (as they can easily be spotted)

Off the shelf lifting springs cost around $800 locally (Eibach, Lovelss, King) - so I have decided to search for alternatives. The alternatives which I have come up with are:

Pair of king/eibach in the front (provide a 40mm raise). Not sure if I need/want to replace shocks.

1. TJ 104 rear springs (learned about it here..)
2. VOLVO 244 STATION rear springs + new spring cap
1. KYB?
2. What else?

Would love to hear your thoughts - did someone heard about VOLVO 244 springs as replacement springs?