Doesn't matter the year, what matters is the tag on the springs. 104AA's will give you 3" of lift. 106AA's will give you 4" of lift. If they don't have tags, then you will need to remove them and measure them for height (12") and spring rate (250 lbs/in for the 106AA's don't remember what the 104AA's are).
As far as spacers for the front go, I'll pm you with pricing.
I don't know where you came up with the number 2" = 3.5" of lift. That isn't the formula, however, think of a teeter totter. The closer you are to the fulcrum, the shorter the travel.
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WWW.UPYOURKIA.COM White 96,4x4, man.hubs,K&N filter,3row rad, twin 16" fans, 3" body lift, 4" UPYOURKIA LIFT KIT,265/75 16 TreadWrights on DC2 wheels,140 amp alt. dual batts.