It's due to the pan hard rod moving the axle. When you lift the Sportage the distance shortens due to the mount of the pan hard rod pulling the axle to the right.

As the axle articulates down you get rubbing on the left side. As it articulates up it moves back to center. The more lift you install the worse it gets.

Dave has an adjustable pan hard rod you can order, or you can build a bracket to relocate the pan hard rod down the same amount of lift you installed to relocate the axle back to center.

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What is this pan hard rod that I keep hearing about in the rear suspension, never heard that term before? Are you referring to the Transverse rod that goes side to side? I have to know so I can follow what everyone is talking about??

Hey Jaybur, you may want to edit the info regarding the 3" spacer lift? Correct me if i'm wrong but as i understand it a 2" spacer up front gets you 4" of lift and 1.5" spacer gets you 3". Also note that the rear tj106 spring is 4" & the tj104 is 3". This was a little confusing to me when i first started to gather info to do my lift! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/patriot.gif" alt="" />

LIFT OR BUST! 2001 Sportage EX 4dr 4WD with 300,210 miles & counting .....