only 97 and newer use the coil springs and any of them will work....not sure which ones use which springs but they have tag #s on them...the ones that end in 104 give you a 3" lift and the 106 give you a 4" lift...there are also 105's and pretty sure they will give 3 1/2"...if you find some just ask for a tag #, pretty sure the rubicons use a 106 if you want the 4" just ask for the rubicon springs and verify tag far as the shocks go pretty sure its any rav 4 rear shock, i can look @ work 2morrow for the specs,its been awhile and i know that the first time i looked there was only 1 option but then they changed it depending on 4 door or conv., i think...if you go with kyb the gr2s show 2 option but if you step up to the gas-a-just series (kg part #s), which are a lil stiffer than oe rav4s they only have 1 option....this will give you the extra travel needed, but you will have to put your original sleeves in the lower mounts or make some since they are a 5/8 hole and ours are a lil under 1/2"....the springs are the important part as that is what gives the lift, the shocks just give the travel you need for the extra lift..hope this helps <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />

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