according to the specs that kyb puts out on their struts and the ones that monroe puts out on their struts they are definately different sizes,just stating the facts about their relative specs, havent purchased both and compared them but these are their specs from the back of their books...kyb 13.23" extended, 8.5" compressed, part #341190 for 95-99 sportage....monroe 14.625" extended, 10" compressed, part #71561 for 95-99 sportage,maybe they are wrong about their own specs huh......


Monroe Sensatracks (#'s 71562-71563) are 13.375 Ex & 8.5 Compress. <this is what HE'S GOT>!

KYB (#'s 341394-314395) are mine..... and the same specs!

Both are for the K.Sporty.

If ur struts are longer then maybe it is because of year dependant factors?

Don't know,
facts are facts Regarding my set and the guy from Seattle (can never recall his forum name) 69878966992 or whatever ----

My point made!


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