i have been running 30x9.5s on my stock alloys for about a year with no lift and a sagging rear end and no rubbing issues on the back at all....the front bumper was trimmed and no rubbing issues there either.. however if fully cranking the wheel and backing up, my sidetread would rub a lil on the springs covering the front brake hoses but not bad enough to worry about and if i backed up slower or not as sharp it didnt rub at all...with my ford winter wheels and same size tire i did get rubbing on about 3/4 turn on front firewall seam and over any decent bumps on the rear pass side fender since that side sagged the worst and my shocks were shot...now with my tj 104s and new shocks i get a lil rub on the top of my rear drivers shock from the sidetread when i corner, im sure some ford wheels with more backspacing will fix that eventually, it doesnt rub too bad, just enough to take off the black paint and show the original white that they were...hope this all helps

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