So, Sorry for sounding stupid. You mated a chevy 4.3, which is my favorite small motor, I should'nt say small, since it is actually allmost a smallblock. to the drivtrain of a sportage? Yes i guess that waa a question. I swear, the first sign of that happening, i will go find one in the yard. Do tell.

It's a 2.8, not a vortec 4.3, it could be better, if I'm not wrong even smaller in size, but don't think that my sporty manual transmition can handle all that power without dying.

mine ispassing all the power from engine direct and off roading have to put the car on 4L 1st gear, if i put 2nd sporty will start running, the 4.3 it's my dream but had to change also the transmission & transfer to have more reduction and avoid to use the brake to contron the car.

I think that moderator should move all last post about the engine and discuss the same in other thread to debate about pros & cons and other possible engine swaps to not corrupt this topic <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />