First off; Un-fortunately I don't have pics to post yet, but I'll get them up for you as soon as I can.

I put the 15x8" 2.5" backspaced steel wheels with 235/75/15 on the Sporty last week.

The wheels stick out about 3" from the wheel wells and I have the stupid body moldings on my sporty too.

This is the love it or hate it styling. The wheels are so far out to the corners; looks like a prerunner got crossed with a import tuner. I like the looks. would be better with wider tyres though. Every body stares at the Sporty now. I have had lots of compliments. They like my car they say. Mudd slinger is what it's been getting called lately.

I had to chop the hell out of the backside of the front wheel wells; and still need to do some pounding.
I cannot go above a 235/75/15 without major rubbing. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/scared.gif" alt="" />

Handles like a dream around corners now, and does not feel tipsy at all; even when the truck is tilting at 30 degrees.
I can whip the heck out of it at higher speeds and have no fear of tipping. The wheels are out there so far, I spit mud, rain, snow and rocks all over the place, all over everything, to include myself. I love punching it and watching the rooster tails.

Oh - I recommend no less than 3.75" backspacing if you want tyres bigger than 235/75/15 and want full steering articulation and tyre wheel well stuffing.

2002 4dr Kia Sportage 4X4
Tires:235/75/15, Wheels: Black 15x8 Steel ProComp 2.5" B.S., Hubs:Warn Manual, Lift:3" UPYOURKIA, Trailer Hitch, Cargo Rack, Clinometer.