you shouldnt need to remove the lower control arm.i was able to fit the 2" spacers and couldnt even remove my forks,only the 1 is a real pain and takes time and patience,also somebody to help is real handy too...start on the drivers side as it seems to be the easier of the two...after the strut assy with spacer is in place start the upper bolts and thread in quite a few threads but dont tighten all the way up so that you have a lil movement,then concentrate on getting the back upper bolt into the forks...after that you can pry and jack the rest of it into place and then tighten everything up...this isnt something that is just an easy bolt on replacement you do need to work at it and use some muscle or in my case lots of muscle since the sway bar end links are seized in place not allowing me to remove both sides of the patient and you will get it...the drivers side took me about 1-1.5 hours by myself and the pass side took abou 8 with at least 1 person helping...i had nothing but troubles and did have to remove the pass side cv to get that lil bit of extra space i needed to jam it in there,probably wouldve been easier to remove the lower arm and replace all of it so i could take of both forks but didnt want to spend any more money than i needed to...good luck and no i dont have a vibration but im lifted front and back so dont know if its just because the back is lifted but i wouldnt think that would make a difference...good luck

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