Is there anyway to get more then 4" of suspension lift in the front? I have 4" spacer lift and 1" body lift on 31x10.5s. I'm wanting to run 33s so im switching out the 1" body lift for a 3". A question about the 3" body, will i need to fab up a steering shaft extension? But what causes the front to only able handle a 4" lift, i still have plenty of room for the cv boot round the a arms and knuckle. Are the shafts extended as much as the can be? Or if cv shafts are at there max angle would lowering or raising the front axle help with more lift? I'm not really wanting to SAS it, i'm buying a 88 cherokee to make a rock climber that won't be street driven, kia is just the bad weather / mild offroading vehicle. <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/nana.gif" alt="" />

98 Kia Sportage 4" suspension 1.5" body lift, unique black 15x8s on 31x10.5s