Man what a pain. Took an hour or so to do the rear on Saturday.
looks good.
Made some 2" spacers for the front to go with my 105 TJ springs (Based on some pics I've seen here I like the combo).

On day 3 of trying to get the passenger side (Right side)in. I figured I'd start with the harder side (again I've read here that passenger is the harder side).

Starting to think I need to completely drop the front diff. I removed the rear bolt to let it drop some. But no go.
And tried every combo of "which bolt to put in last" to see what was easier to pry and no go, been close, but not close enough.

Got the day off work tomorrow so I'll dig into it again in the morning before the rain comes back.....

I've done custom fit trans swaps that required a body lift and custom linkages and custom clutch made that were a breeze compared to this.

2001 Kia Sportage
Warn manual hubs, 2" spacer up front, TJ 105 springs Rav4 shocks, 235/75/15 BFG A/T KOs, Skidplate back to under the T-case, trans cooler, XRC8 winch on custom bumper, Synth winch line, fuel can mount, Rigid D2 Dually overhead lights.