So I decided to drop the whole diff some.
Like magic the whole thing went together like butter. No prybars.
Shoot, from shock laying on the ground with the spacer on top of it to the whole front suspension being bolted back together took maybe 20 minutes at the most.

Got the driver's side in by popping out the axle and getting it all bolted together then jacking up the arm until I could pop the axle back in.

So. 2" spacers up front. 105 Jeep springs in back (The guy I got them from took them out of a Rubicon). With all the other usual bits to make it all work.
[Linked Image]

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2001 Kia Sportage
Warn manual hubs, 2" spacer up front, TJ 105 springs Rav4 shocks, 235/75/15 BFG A/T KOs, Skidplate back to under the T-case, trans cooler, XRC8 winch on custom bumper, Synth winch line, fuel can mount, Rigid D2 Dually overhead lights.