Ok so I need it straight I live in Australia, I had a bit of a read through but cant find any straight forward answers about a 2" suspension lift on my 2002 Sportage. I have enough skills to install the components my self but in saying that I have a guy that can help me out.

I would like to know where in Aus cant I purchase springs and coils or if it no that simple what do I need to give it the lift with out the UpyourKia thing as this 4wd is also my vehicle that gets me to work so trying to keep it a legal as I can

Any help you would be great even if I have missed a post about the subject is the info up to date?


look up Dobinson Springs. They make 40mm and 70mm lift coils for the Sportage. I've heard good things about them.

"Does this part need to be in there?"

1996 Dodge 1500 single cab / short bed, 5.9 4x4; 2" lift (springs not blocks), C.A.I and more mods to come.