I'm running Dobinson's springs in mine as well. Alot firmer than the originals. Bear in mind my lift is 90mm with Rear Spring and a combo of front fork extensions and springs for the front.

As you are based in Brisbane give Supension stuff a call as well as they advertise 75 mm springs for the Sporty.

shocks are different matter entirely. Basically you have standard height replacement in Australia, or find an alternative.

RAV 4 rear shocks give heaps extra travel but with a 50 mm lift you may need spring locators to stop them from popping out. I purchased the required metal ring insert for the bottom of the RAV 4 shock from Peddars. On my Sporty I am running TJ 30 mm lift rears. I believe the Old Man Emu RAV 4 shocks I got are valved way to soft. If I give the Sporty heaps and start the rear's spinning in grass, gravel or Uturning on the road I get axle hop. For the Sporty you a limited to the standard replacement struts (I got KYB in mine) however I believe the valving is way to soft with the Dobinsons springs. I'm not sure on Gabriel fronts but have heard bad things about them on the Sporty over the years I hae researched. Alternate is to get onto Everett and Sid the Kid for their coil over strut replacement which is described as a bolt in fit. May need to talk to them about valving though.

Also worth sourcing Everett's sway bar spacers for the front.

Any questions please do not hesitate to give me a PM

cheers, Chris

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97 Sporty, snorkel, K&N filter,chipped, ext forks, 40mm Dob Springs, KYB struts, 35mm Jeep TJ Springs, RAV 4 OME shocks, Kaiser Locker 5.38 R&P's, 1&3/8 body lift, 245/75 R16 D674's Sports steering wheel, bullbar, extractors & 2 1/4 exhaust engineered.