Yes, here in Aus the King Springs will give you about 40mm of lift, have been running these for a bit over 12 months, quite happy with them. No more "diving" of the front end over smallish bumps.
I've just got hold of some Jeep TJ 104 rear springs, and seeing as the install is a casual 20 minutes, put them in place, gave me a further inch of rear lift.
As for the front, am yet to source strut spacers, so the vehicle is still an inch lower in the nose. If I get a 2" spacer, I'll probably revert to the original springs, for an overall 3" of lift.
FYI, I did a quick measure of the lower A arm pivot lengths, the inner to fork is 250mm, the inner to outer (ball joint) is 370mm, so gives a ratio of nearly 1.5:1
ie a 2" spacer x 1.5 = approx 3" lift.

Long a$$ 2000 Sporty, auto, 5.38 gears, TF front locker, 4"+ front lift (Kings +40 springs, 50mm spacers, 1.5" diff drop), TJ 104 rears 3" + 50mm coil spacers, 1.5" body lift, 31/10.5r15's on 15x8 Kings (ET-13), WARN manuals, Smart Bar, spotties