Ta Chris, yeah am gonna revert to original springs if/when I get the 2" strut spacers.
Am finding the rear TJ 104 spring to give quite a comfy ride compared to the seemingly stiffer Kings.
Am looking up exactly which rear shocks to go with, the OME site doesn't list any RAV4 items, but AFTER RE READING ALL 35 PAGES OF THIS THREAD, it seems that you got yours via ARB.

Seems stock 1999 RAV4 extended shock length is 617mm which makes for easier searching thru shock catalogues.

I've tried finding Korean links for the extended forks (50mm) and also want a front locker plus 5.38 sets, do you still have any contact info for these??


Long a$$ 2000 Sporty, auto, 5.38 gears, TF front locker, 4"+ front lift (Kings +40 springs, 50mm spacers, 1.5" diff drop), TJ 104 rears 3" + 50mm coil spacers, 1.5" body lift, 31/10.5r15's on 15x8 Kings (ET-13), WARN manuals, Smart Bar, spotties