Send Everet a PM. He can point you in the right direction.

There is a seller on eBay (Just Differentials) that was selling the Eaton clutch LSDs for the 1st gen Sportages. However, they only show a listing for the 26 spline unit. You need the 28 spline LSD for your rear axle. The front is a 26 spline (Kia never changed the front axle design). You can use a LSD spec'd for the Mazda Miata ('94-'08) for the front axle. I have a gear-based LSD in my Sporty's front axle. It works great.

NOTE: The differentials for the front and rear axles ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!!! The rear has a 7.5 inch ring gear. The front uses a 7 inch ring gear. The Miata years noted above used the 7 inch ring gear in the rear axle, with the exact same specs for the diffential that Kia used for the front axle (EXACT!!!). But that's just for the differential carrier and side bearings. The pinions and pinion bearings may be different. Ah, but I digress...

Anyhoo, if you want a clutch LSD for the rear, you will either have to find one used or get one through the dealer. Eaton quit making the Sportage LSDs years ago. The only ones left are old stock and are really hard to find. However, Eaton made the LSDs for Kia. So the dealer part is the same as the aftermarket Eaton.

I looked at one of the Kia parts online websites and found this page: Kia parts - 2001 rear axle assembly. Look at items 8 and 10. You want the "limited slip" parts. Part #8 is the complete differential with housing. That will be the easiest to install (just bolt it onto the axle). Part # 10 will require transferring the ring and pinion gear. And if you went that route, you'd be better off replacing all of the bearings at the same time. For the price, to include labor if you would need a shop to do the set up, it would be cheaper to just buy the complete housing (#8). Trust me. I've been through this. Again, Everet knows a guy through another forum that can get the dealer parts at or near cost. That can save you a few bucks, for sure. Send Everet a PM. That's your best bet...

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