Yea I had already decided I want to push the wheels out further but after checking out the price for H&R 1" spacers Im thinking its more economical to just find some steel wheels with the backspacing that I want. or maybe some Suzuki wheels, I have to research this more. So in that case I wouldnt have to worry about the rear rubbing so much, but i would still like the axles to be in line with each other. I did see someone just made a drop bracket for the panhard bar, which would probably be easier and cheaper but I havent seen any really good instructions on exactly how to make it so it lines the axles back up.

I just noticed today the notes about the CV boots rubbing with the spacers on the front. Fixes seem to be extended fork, which from what i read seem to be only availale from Korea now, and I dont really want to import anything from korea. or dropping the diff. dropping the diff seems pretty easy, but does this then lift the front even more? how badly do the boots rub? is it something I will really have to worry about?

I have read this post about 2.5 times through now, there is a ton of awesome info and it did answer alot of my questions, thanks to all those who contributed so that those of us who are late to the party can catch up.