well, although it isnt what I really want, its what I can use. My budget and lack of a 220v outlet in my apartment garage helped me choose this welder.

its a lincoln weld pak 3200hd. from home depot. Got it set up and welded some stuff and it works pretty good! I don't have any gas yet, so I was using the innershield wire. took me a few tries to get the wire speed and voltage setting right, but once I did, it was smooth sailing!

I have used nice industrial 220v welders before, and while I would love to own one, its not going to happen anytime soon. Sure there is limitations with this welder, but it will be fine for me.

here is a picture of my stuff, have the welder, gloves, miller xli auto helmet, and jacket (from when I worked in a fab shop.

[Linked Image]

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