A friend from work babied his '00 Tacoma, washed it every weekend, took really good care of it (for Upstate NY). Took it in for an alignment - it was shaking like crazy, he didn't care, but the wife didn't like it. They called him on his cell "you need to come back, we have a problem..."

Long story short, they bought it on the spot, gave him the loaner til he heard from Toyota corporate, the next week he got a check.

He says the dealer described the buyback like this - go to KBB.com, find your vehicle, set the mileage to 'zero', the condition to 'excellent', calculate the retail value (the value the dealer can sell it for), then multiply it by 150%.

He got a check for $17,200 for a '00 with 158,000 miles.

Too bad his wife already picked the new Prius...

Yeah, I think I'll let the nice man hit my frame with the 16oz hammer...


PS - the trucks go to the boneyard, but the owner can strip off what they want before they go - if they'll take her, my '95 will go with bald tires on steel rims, no cap and missing the grill guard and rear bumper... smile