Tomorrow I go to the dealership and say goodbye to a good friend. I have had my T-100 for 7 years and it has 120,000 miles on it. Barely broken in.

I went shopping on Tuesday and was figuring on leasing the Ridgeline. But when push came to shove and I realized I would be paying for 7 years if I decided to keep the vehicle I was leaning toward buying until the payment came out to $600 a month. No thanks. So threw in the T-100 so I could get a lower payment.

Anyway the dealer gave me $7,000 for my 1997 T-100. I thought that was a great price since my T has hail damage on the front hood and some on the side. On Edmonds the trade-in price is more around $4000. We were paid $3000 by the insurance company back in 2002, when we lived in Kansas and did not get it repaired.

I initially told them there would be no trade so they did not up the price of the new auto when I threw in the idea of a trade. I did tell them I had one more dealer to check out a few miles down the road - Kuni Honda.

Anyway I will have a T-100 factory service manual for sale and a set of Aisin manual hubs for sale. I will give anyone on this forum first chance.

Just e-mail me.

Thanks, Brad

1997 T100 SR5, X-Cab, V-6, Auto, 113,000 miles, Bilstein shocks