ok so i was down at my insurance company today doing a few things and getting insurance on my new toy!

so i figure i have plans for all my vehicles i might as well ask how much if at all they would effect my insurance rates.

bike, they are not sure if i can do a engine swap to a higher cc motor.(new toy by the way!)

truck, was planning on putting a turbo or nos in it, to help spin my bigger tires i will be running, nos, no coverage at all on any vehicle. turbo, no coverage as well, same with a supercharger. but if i want to swap in a done up ls2, no problem what so ever!

car, was planning on swapping from the 3.1 to a 3400 with a turbo, no , cant do the turbo, but if i want to swap in the 3800 supercharged from the gtp no problem at all! as long as mods are internal they dont give a sh!t!! go figure.

cant believe that i am allowed to triple my hp in the truck but not allowed a 50 shot of nos to help me climb the bigger hills or go through the deeper mud! or a turbo that would give me about 50% more

2000 SPORTY, DEF BOY customs, mmm....lockers, mmm... gears, mmm... double transfer case, mmm... stroker