Hey guys, I have not only left the sportage scene but I am also leaving the Internet scene! I am turning off the internet and TV , and very soon, so I want to try 1 last time to sell the heater core, it is an OEM Kia unit. I would like $110 shipped, but I will accept offers now to get it gone, I do have a bottom buck in mind, so offering me $50 won't get you the part <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif" alt="" />

I do not know when the last day of my billing cycle ends yet, but that will be the end of my internet. (I can jump on the net at a library if necessary, but no longer at home)

so IF you want it, Jump on it now.

I have sold other parts on here, and anyone who bought from me, got their parts.

Sportage sold.........
1999 4runner 4x4 , Tundra brake rotors and calipers (well worth it!) -wifes