Well, the truck has been acting quite weird lately..

Problem 1:

First-off, it has an odd hessitation problem..
Mostly happens when it's hot, and gets worse the more I drive it. I'll floor-it,and it'll feel like I'm draggin'a freakin' elephant behind me. You can tell it's trying to accelerate.. but the power is just not there! I only notice this really when it's hot out, and after I've been driving for 30+ minutes(mostly freeway driving mind you).. I've replaced: TPS,Fuel Filter,02 sensor, and have cleaned my MAF with some brake-cleaner within the last 5k miles. I tuned it up about 20k miles before that, but, this doesn't feel like a typical tune-up related problem.

Maybe it's got something to do with the deck-plate-mod? Big-ol-hole in the air-box, suckin' up hot air?

Like I said before,sometimes I'll floor-it, and it will accelerate, then hesitate like you stuck a rag in the intake, or like I'm pulling a big-ol' load, then sometimes it's fine... but now that I think about it, it seems, pedal-to-the-metal or just crusin' around, it lags bad do either-or.

Problem 2:
This just started happening about a week or two ago. Idling funny. Doesn't like to chill at it's normal 800-900RPM idle. Just this morning, I started her up, and the idle was jumping way up high (about 2000) and dropping down, mis-firing.. until I reved it a couple good times, then it went right back to cold-idle.

I'm thinkin' I might hafta' take My Throttle-body off, and clean it out, same with the idle air control valve.

Also, I've run sea-foam through it a couple times in the last month (both in the gas-tank, and in through the intake viz-brake-booster line.)

Any thoughts/input would be greatly appreciated!

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