Yup, Problem one ONLY happens once I've driven the truck for a while.

It threw a P0510 today.. TPS Closed Loop Malfuntion.

It threw this code ALOT before.. everyday, without missing a beat. I replaced the TPS, stopped throwing the code, and truck ran a *little* better.

Now, it has throw that code a few times in the last week. I have another replacment TPS comin' (curtiosy of autozone).. but, it only seems to throw it when I'm in stop-n-go traffic, when it's hot out.

.. I'm not sure where to look next. I'm gonna take the TB apart on sat, and clean it.. Heck, I've even got a spare intake plenum, and TB, maybe I'll try throwing the spare TB on..

It is deffinatly just a problem that only happens when warm.

Not too sure where to go from here..

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