Got the flares through www.stmparts.com . When I ordered mine I was told that there were only 3 sets left in North America. I'm pretty sure they're the EGRs. If I remember right email mike@stmparts.com to see if he has any left <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cheers.gif" alt="" />.

Dude love the setup!
Love the pix!
Thanks for the link. I orders a set of flares tonight! I just for the email to say they have been shipped smile
I didnt realize you had to mod them to suit? what were they made to suit?
Do you have any pix of the build yet? Keen to see some pix of the front and rear bumpers if you have any? Im going to make some soon too.

Pajero iO - Lift and 33s on the way smile