Got a TPS link for the 98 3rZ? (the search function on this board is pretty useless IMHO)

I've had the fuel filter done before I dropped the tank. Should've waited 'til after. Did the plugs and wires yesterday. Plugs were text book perfect light brown to tan. Filled the tank up with fresh gas. Was terrible right after the tank drop so I let it sit a couple of days and made an appointment with a mechanic. Broke down and did the plugs and wires. Drove it 25 miles and it seemed better but still did it. Maybe it is ignition but it sure feels like fuel. Will let you know how it goes.

85 4Runner 22re, mostly stock. Over 340K miles(SOLD for $4000 7/06)

98 2.7 4cyl 4Runner Bone Stock perfect 200,000 miles (alright, it has a HG and clutch in it's past)