well, got in a accident with the sporty yesterday!

coming up on some guy who had his hazard lights on he pulled over to the side of the road so as i went to pass by him he decide to do a u turn in front of me without looking!

damage done, drivers side turn signal smashed, broke a small chunk off of the factory bumper/rebar, bent it down a little and messed up the bumper mount a little.
the worst though, my tire having such good approach angle took the majority of the impact and pushed my control arms back far enough that my tire rubs the firewall bad when i try to turn left. also bumped the curb after with the passenger tire and now it is also rubbing slightly.

buddy did not seem to interested in giving me his information, but he gave me a phone number, which was apperantly his older brothers who started to threaten my life when i told him i needed his insurance information etc.

turns out it was a stolen car, so now it is being treated as a hit and run!

well, on the brite side last time i was in a accident insurance worked out pretty good for me and i got all my lift and tires and such for the truck. hopefully i will get enough this time to buy the rest of my parts i need to do my swap!

2000 SPORTY, DEF BOY customs, mmm....lockers, mmm... gears, mmm... double transfer case, mmm... stroker