Glad you weren't hurt. But lesson for future reference. Never, EVER, allow a simple exchange of info or phone numbers after an accident. Contact the police and insist they show up to take a report.

Case in point. I witnessed some idiot back his Chevy pickup into the rear bumper of my parked Civic. I stopped him before he could take off. The rear bumper cover was cracked and popped out of the side. The driver wanted to just exchange info. He also stated he was a cop. I said "no dice" and I wanted a police report. So cops show up. Yep, they know him. But I insisted upon a police report. All info taken. Cops said in few days report would be ready. Turns out it took two weeks of bugging them to get it. Finally got it. I personally contacted HIS insurance company. He had no choice but to admit fault. His insurance pays me directly. I never had to contact or involve my insurance company.

1998 Sportage - Gone.
2004 Honda Civic Coupe.
2007 Suzuki Grand Vitara - She got it.