I see your point, but in this case because the involved party was in a stolen vehicle and left the seen of the accident without providing the required information or a police report being filed. Yes, insurance companies will find any way to move you from a “preferred” customer to something they can charge you more for, but there are bounds they have to stay within and since there was a crime involved here they can not charge more.

If you can get the person's name and information then you really need to. However, in the case of a hit and run it is next to impossible to get this information. In the case of a hit and run in a stolen vehicle it is almost impossible to get this information unless there is a witness or great CSI people involved. Sorry, really like the TV show. Not realistic all the time, but cool none the less.

The only hope in this case is for the investigator (police) to locate the person who has the cell phone, interrogate them until they cough up the information for person involved. Then their insurance if they have any can be contacted to report the claim to pay for the damage.

In the states we have something called Under Insured Motorist insurance. This is used for accidents where the person that hits another person does not have enough coverage to cover the damage done to the other vehicle or occupants. With vehicles costing as much as they do these days not to mention medical expenses, Liability only insurance is almost never enough to cover you. This is why Under Insured Motorist insurance is highly recommended. Costs a little extra, but saves your butt big time for cases like this.

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