You guys don't understand how insurance works.

You filed a claim with your insurance company. It really has no bearing on who is at fault. And even with it not being your fault you are now considered a "higher" risk. You rates may or may not go up but you are no longer a "preferred" customer.

Here in Michigan they can raise your rates based on your credit history. (actually, they call it a discount, with the higher the credit rating getting the higher discount) So even if you are claim free and infraction free you will still get charged a higher rate if you have bad credit.

Correct. And as far as I know it's standard practice in all states.

Not here in Oregon. They get one free look at you credit report when you first sign on and of course they have to tell you they are. Some do, some don't. But, they can't go back at look again. Unless you ask them to.

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